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In the newest episode of The Club, your hosts talk about everyone’s favorite food holiday: Thanksgiving. And what’s better than Thanksgiving itself? Leftover Thanksgiving sandwiches!!



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November 16, 2017

The Club: Turkey Punches

Somewhere halfway between Halloween and Christmas exists a underappreciated holiday that is often lost in the mix of festivities. No, I don’t mean Black Friday. It is somehow simultaneously the red-headed step child of the holiday season while simultaneously being everybody’s favorite holiday. In this episode, we gab about the gobbles, throw out some thanks, and discuss the most requested sandwich in the entire history of The Club. In this episode we give thanks for Thanksgiving as we discuss all things food related: from our issues with gluttony and portion control to how we consume our leftovers (hint: in some bread). Stay tuned for the end for a special Sandwich of the Week presented by our friends at the Whatever You Niche podcast.

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sandwich of the week Challah-ween with wine

October 31, 2017

Sandwich of the Week: Challah-ween

We at The Club LOVE Halloween. Not only is it Andrew’s birthday, it’s just a fun day when you get to dress up, watch spooky movies, listen to holiday music that doesn’t feature sleigh bells, and the best part: eating people! Wait, what? We meant eating sandwiches, obviously.

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October 31, 2017

The Club: Cannibalism

Tired of your pesky neighbors? Why not have them for dinner? In this spooky Halloween special, we talk about cannibalism hypothetical scenarios, our impending mortalities, and go on an adventure to save one of our hosts. Additionally, we will craft our deliciously original Sandwich of the Week. Warning: there are some graphic descriptions in this episode. Listen at your own risk!

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