black bean burger

July 6, 2017

Sandwich of the Week: Let Freedom Bean

After hot dogs, burgers are one of the most notable and classic American sandwiches. There’s nothing better than a cookout with friends and family where everyone has a burger on the grill and a beer in hand. In honor of the fourth of July, our sandwich of the week is a burger with a twist: the best black bean burger EVER.

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hokey pokey egg sandwich

June 23, 2017

Sandwich of the Week: Hokey Pokey

In our second episode, we bite into¬†everyone’s favorite meal: breakfast. Breakfast is good for several things: nostalgia, Sunday mornings, hangovers… the list can go on. Today we will be discussing the impromptu sandwich that our very own Lindsay Cherry created one fateful morning: the Hokey Pokey. Oh, and it’s vegetarian by nature, but you can easily make substitutions using more carnivorous ingredients.

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cleo mcdowell hot dog

June 8, 2017

Hot Dog (Sandwich) of the Week: Cleo McDowell

In our first episode, we explore¬†the iconic American cuisine: hot dogs. Everybody has their favorite hot dog toppings, whether they’re simple go-to ingredients like ketchup and mustard or a little more complicated like chili, pickle spears, coleslaw, or even samosa filling for a special twist (credit for that idea goes to Destination Dogs, our favorite place on Earth).

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