June 22, 2017

The Club: Breakfast Nostalgia – Show Notes

Good afternoon, everyone! Here are the show notes for the second episode of the first season (listen here).

General Show Notes

  • This was recorded in Lindsay’s apartment in her bedroom on her bed. We held the microphones in our hands instead of using a mic stand. We each drank (at least) two beers during this episode.
  • Turner mentioned “Shop and Stop.” The store is actually called “Stop and Shop.”
  • Lindsay still has beef with United and still refuses to allow us to know her personal blog.
  • Andrew has issues with calling Biscuits and Gravy a sandwich, but understands the moral gray area.
  • It is a running theme that there is a pause before we say “biscuit.”
  • Turner is #TeamBiscuit unless there’s a bagel involved.
  • We have yet to hear if someone has bit a finger off while eating a sandwich, though we would like to hear about your sandwich related injuries! Email us at hello@cherryhunter.media or tweet at us @ClubSandwichPod
  • “A sandwich without bread is no sandwich for me.” – Andrew
  • Turner has a Masters in Music Composition.
  • The article about “straunts” can be found here.
  • It’s true: French Fries were invented in Belgium.
  • “It’s just a vessel for the cheese.” – Lindsay
  • We have not found “bagel holes” available. If you find some, please let us know!
  • Lindsay lies about her sandwich experience three times in this episode.
  • We have not figured out a suitable comparison for biscuits in other countries. Yes, we also considered scones, though those are not similar enough to the American biscuit.
  • Turner questioning Andrew about hand-based eating with open faced sandwiches truly challenged his will.
  • The sandwich that Lindsay’s Mother and Grandpa made is called a Machanka, not a moussaka. 
  • Turner uses his hands for hankey-pankey, which he honestly confused for the Hokey-Pokey.
  • The Sandwich of the Week can be described (here) with pictures and a complete recipe.

Sandwiches Discussed

  • Open Faced Sandwich – Asiago bagel, pressed as a panini. Two over hard eggs (no gushy-gush for the baghole). Shmears of cream cheese. A couple squirts of sriracha. Oregano, SnP, garlic powder. Crispy.
  • Open Faced Sandwich – Cream cheese, cucumber. Salt.
  • Open Faced Sandwich – Biscuit cut in half. Thick white gravy with sausage (or veggie crumbles).
  • Open Faced Sandwich – Turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy. Leftover Thanksgiving sandwich. Served at bars.
  • Biscuit sandwiches- Bacon Egg and Cheese. Sausage egg and cheese. Tofurkey… cheese… sandwich.
  • Country Ham and Biscuits – salty ham in between biscuit slices. Served in a basket with a towel where they just “hang out” for you to snack on.
  • Hangover Sandwich I – Two pieces of pizza with a bunch of vegetables in the middle of them.
  • Hangover Sandwich II – Burrito. Fried potatoes, scrambled eggs, cheese, white sauce. 2 1/2 lbs.
  • Open Faced Sandwich – Machanka. Sausage gravy, biscuits. Made with bacon fat. Rural Pennsylvania. 
  • Open Faced Sandwich – Hankey Pankey. Fried sausage in melted velveeta. On toasted pumpernickel slices.
  • Sandwich of the Week – Pictures, recipe, and description can be viewed (here).

Listener Survey Results

We conducted a listener survey on which breakfast base is the best for Breakfast Sandiwches. Here’s what you said across various platforms:

We posted a picture where people would use different “reactions” on our facebook page to vote for a poll. Here is how people responded:

  • 41% said they prefer Biscuits.
  • 33% said they prefer Croissants.
  • 26% said they prefer Bagels.



The awesome original theme music is by the talented Jake Schlaerth. You can find out more information about him and listen to his awesome creations at his website. Note: He plays Glass Armonica for the 21st Century Fox film Logan. It’s a really great soundtrack that wouldn’t be the same without Schlaerth’s superb glass skills.

Additional royalty free music is by Kevin MacLeod. I would suggest checking out his website for all of your royalty-free music and graph paper needs!

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