July 20, 2017

The Club: Space Butty – Show Notes

Good afternoon, everyone! Here are the show notes for the fourth episode of the first season (listen here).

We’d like to thank Martin Bauman with the Story Untold podcast for supplying us with this week’s sandwich of the week! I was also interviewed as a segment of this week’s episode. Go ahead and listen if you want to hear any background information about The Club: A Sandwich podcast.

Story Untold can be found here: Website | iTunes | Google Play | Stitcher | Twitter | Player FM

General Show Notes

  • This is the first episode recorded completely remote. Lindsay recorded her segments in Ohio while Andrew recorded his segments in New Jersey.
  • The Apollo 11 audio was downloaded from nasa.gov.
  • Neil Armstrong first walked on the moon 48 years ago today.
  • It’s true, NASA does cover it’s food in gelatin.
  • Space Butty is not the Space Buddies movie made by Disney.
  • The first sandwich eaten space was indeed smuggled by John Young in Gemini 3. It was a corned beef sandwich, which has since been immortalized in acrylic and put on display at the Grissom Memorial Museum in Mitchell, Indiana.
  • Lindsay has eaten two day old food. I’ve seen it.
  • It’s true: the first vegetable grown in space is red lettuce.
  • Three guidelines for a single sandwich to survive:
    • Must have nutritional value
    • Must be simple to make
    • Must be tasty
  • Here’s the video of an astronaut making peanut butter and jelly in space.
  • More information on KFC’s space chicken sandwich campaign on their promotional website.
  • We do not have plans to launch a kickstarter to send a sandwich into space, though it is a great idea. (You could always support us on patreon if you feel so inclined!)
  • We do not have a poll to determine what percentage of our listeners actually eat sandwiches. I can safely assume it is around 100 (give or take a few).
  • About 65% of the human population is lactose intolerant.
  • Andrew briefly mentioned “Water Nation” instead of “Water Planet.” Yes, avatar and whatnot.
  • The wolf, fox, cheese, moon parable was found here. 
  • More information about the moon being made of cheese, including NASA’s discovery, can be found here.
  • It is absolutely true that “gullible” is not in the dictionary.

Sandwiches Discussed

  • Bread Sandwich / Toast Butty A British sandwich. It’s literally just a piece of buttered toast between two slices of bread. Look it up.
  • The First Sandwich Eaten In Space – Corned Beef sandwich
  • The Space Survival Sandwich – Wheat bread, mashed sweet potatoes, peppers.
  • Ben Mi – French bread, pickled veggies (carrots, daikons, jalapenos), chipotle aioli, slice of Ben.
  • Space PBnJ – Peanut butter, tubed jelly, on a tortilla. (video linked above)
  • Space Cheeseburger Rehydrated beef, tomato paste, tubed cheese sauce, on a tortilla.
  • Someone Messed Up – Peanut butter, toothpaste, on a tortilla.
  • Humanity’s Sandwich – Char-grilled fish taco. Corn tortilla. Possible side of rice.
  • The Sandwich of the Week – You have to look at our Sandwich of the Week post to see pics, recipes, and more information about it!


The awesome original theme music is by the talented Jake Schlaerth. You can find out more information about him and listen to his awesome creations at his website. Note: He plays Glass Armonica for the 21st Century Fox film Logan. It’s a really great soundtrack that wouldn’t be the same without Schlaerth’s superb glass skills.

Additional royalty free music is by Kevin MacLeod. I would suggest checking out his website for all of your royalty-free music and graph paper needs!

Anything Else?

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-Andrew X. Hunter