hokey pokey egg sandwich

June 23, 2017

Sandwich of the Week: Hokey Pokey

In our second episode, we bite into everyone’s favorite meal: breakfast. Breakfast is good for several things: nostalgia, Sunday mornings, hangovers… the list can go on. Today we will be discussing the impromptu sandwich that our very own Lindsay Cherry created one fateful morning: the Hokey Pokey. Oh, and it’s vegetarian by nature, but you can easily make substitutions using more carnivorous ingredients.

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egg on breads

June 22, 2017

The Club: Breakfast Nostalgia – Show Notes

Good afternoon, everyone! Here are the show notes for the second episode of the first season (listen here).

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June 21, 2017

The Club: Breakfast Nostalgia

Andrew, Lindsay, and guest host Turner discuss the meal so great that it frames our entire day: breakfast. We discuss gluttony, nostalgia, various holes, and we answer the most important breakfast sandwich related question. Which is better: biscuits, bagels, or croissants? We also introduce this week’s Sandwich of the Week, which is an original sandwich that you won’t hear about anywhere else. Feel free to follow us on twitter, instagram, facebook, or on our website at www.cherryhunter.media .

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cleo mcdowell hot dog

June 8, 2017

Hot Dog (Sandwich) of the Week: Cleo McDowell

In our first episode, we explore the iconic American cuisine: hot dogs. Everybody has their favorite hot dog toppings, whether they’re simple go-to ingredients like ketchup and mustard or a little more complicated like chili, pickle spears, coleslaw, or even samosa filling for a special twist (credit for that idea goes to Destination Dogs, our favorite place on Earth).

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microphone photo

June 8, 2017

The Club: Sup Dogs? – Show Notes

Good afternoon, everyone! Here are the show notes for our first episode, including survey results, music credits, and links to more of the things we reference in our first official sandwich talk.

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hot dog in london

June 8, 2017

The Club: Sup Dogs?

Today on The Club: A Sandwich Podcast, we bite into one of the most controversial topics in the sandwich realm: Should hot dogs be considered sandwiches? In this episode, we talk about the history of hot dogs, talk about our favorites, and, of course, passionately debate our points of view. We will also introduce our tasty Sandwich of the Week. Please check out our show notes at www.cherryhunter.media for additional information, corrections, and the recipe (and pictures) of our Sandwich of the Week. Hosted by Andrew X. Hunter and Lindsay Cherry.

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June 3, 2017

Club Season 1 Preview

We are excited to kick off this podcast with some topics that will truly engage your ears and sandwich-receptors in your brain! This preview will introduce some of the topics we will discuss in season one.

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grilled cheese

April 24, 2017

Sandwich Poll: Grilled Cheese vs. PBJ

The classics: grilled cheese and PB&J. Whether you grew up with these childhood favorites or didn’t realize their full potential until you were all grown up (I hated the combination of peanut butter and jelly until I was in my twenties), most sandwich fanatics can agree that there’s sometimes nothing better than keeping it simple.

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