August 3, 2017

Sandwich of the Week: Stories from Got-Ham City

This week’s sandwich of the week is brought to you by Stories of Gotham City podcast! Yay!

NOTE: These “sponsored” sandwiches come to you directly from the minds of our good friends at other podcasts. If you’d like to record a sandwich of the week, let us know! We only have so many good sandwich ideas.

Got ham? Now you do.

I was skeptical of the ingredients on this sandwich because it includes something I usually NEVER eat: fruit on savory things. This fruit being apples. I totally get the appeal of sweet and savory/crispy apples or berries on salads, but it’s something I don’t enjoy and avoid at all costs.

However, Andrew doesn’t eat pork (or beef anymore!) so it was up to me to bring you this beautiful (and surprisingly delicious) sandwich combination. Look at that ham closeup!

closeup of gotham sandwich

It’s called: Stories from Got-Ham City

Here’s what you need:

  • hero roll (get it, hero!)
  • black forest ham
  • aged cheddar cheese
  • granny smith apple
  • dijon mustard

Here’s what you do with those things:

  • assemble ham, cheese, and mustard on the hero roll
  • ask your boyfriend’s dad to reach the panini press on the top shelf of the cupboard
  • press your ham hero on the panini press until the bread is toasted and the cheese melts photogenically down the sides of your sandwich
  • make a bunch of “I can’t believe it’s not Batman!” jokes to yourself — laugh extra hard while reminiscing about your days in NYC — the smell of the streets, the constant lookout for a bar or Starbucks on every block in which to pee
  • carefully place apples for instagram-worthy shots (NOTE: if you’re not making this sandwich for the ‘grams, put the apples on before pressing)
  • play with your food because the rest of the apple looks like Pacman
  • VOILA!

pacman apple gotham sandwich

The combination of the salty ham, sharp bite of cheddar, and refreshing pop of apple was SUPERB. I’ll never scoff at an apple salad/sandwich ever again maybe. The mustard also plays a huge role in the flavor of this sandwich. And let’s not forget the best part: grilling. Why does anyone eat sandwiches that aren’t pressed?

It might not be the sandwich we deserve, but it’s the sandwich we need right now. Huge thanks to Greg Green for taking over as sammy chef of the week! Please subscribe to the Stories From Gotham City podcast and don’t forget to follow on Facebook!